Explore the world as a traveller, not a tourist, on a trip packed with inclusions. VIP experiences and first-class, insider encounters.

Cosmos is for those that adore the explore without breaking the bank. Hassle-free and flexible, you dream it and we create it.

You're a lone ranger but don't want to be completely alone. We'll help plan your itinerary and set you up with our friends. Less hassles, more amazing, that's Monograms.

Get personal. This is experiential river cruising, your way. From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, Avalon is relaxed luxury with choices as many, and individual as you.

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You dream, we create. You choose your level of freedom and flex, we offer you the must-sees, then we lead you off the beaten path (only if you’re up for it), because it’s all about putting endless possibilities at your disposal, to help create experiences you’ve always dreamt of. When it comes to your holiday, our job is to take the planning and logistics off your hands: your job is to live it up.

We all know friends who know amazing places are the best friends of all. With an impressive history of ‘thrillology’ - the art of immersing you in thrilling moments time and time again – within our passports, our easy-going Tour Directors and Local Legends will help you delve beneath the surface every time. We’ve found the awe-inspiring moments and destinations, and sharing those with you is what we’re all about.

Are we passionate about travel? Beyond. We also believe that travel isn’t about the how or where: it’s about feeling completely alive, refreshed and creating memories you’ll re-live again and again. To do this we make sure you have comfy stays, but focus your funds on the world outside your door -- because we know that’s where the best bits are.

From Buenos Aires to Mumbai to Berlin and Boston; even getting from A to B can be a remarkable ride. Sit back on our comfy WiFi coaches, knowing that even during the journey, you won’t miss a beat.
With Cosmos, you’ll find travel is a ticket to true happiness. We’ll help create the experiences you’ve always dreamed of, ones you never thought of, and make everything hassle-free by taking care of logistics, which frees you up to live it up.